The Girls of TMNTWhat do the TMNT voice actors think of Karai and April?

Yeah, we all know Karai’s still got a little bit of a crush on that turtle. XD


Anonymous asked:

Not a shipper but you've made me curious now. If you'd clash with someone of the same personality, what kind of personality for a girl do you think would actually work the best with you? You don't really seem much like an "opposites attract" person either.

raph-the-muscle answered:

Of course I would clash with a girl who has the exact same personality as me! I know I’ve got issues…Ok I do. So, She’s gonna be up in my face with anger problems all the time, What would ya expect is gonna happen? I’d be shouting just as loud back at her. That ain’t a connection or relationship. That’s just plain freaking annoying dude…


Amount of girls that have come onto me man…. *Fake girl voice* “uuhhh Raph, I have anger problems! I am just like you! We should daaaaate…”


*Normal voice* Yeah..NOT happening..

Sure, it’s cool if you meet someone and they have common interests. You like the same thing and that. That works. When you say opposite, It don’t mean it have to be somebody who completely is? 

I couldn’t handle a cry baby, clingy, lovey dovey, drag me everywhere, type of person either. Would also annoy me. I guess it’s all about balance, and if ya click well with’em? 

Also, before any of you ask. No I ain’t looking! I’m the type of guy that, if it happens? It happens! If it don’t? Then it don’t! And that’s fine with me.



I was just ranting talking about that on skype.
Some of the girls who act like Raphael don’t understand that my brothers anger issues actually hurt him, and he’s not reaching his full potential because of it.

So girls who are sending Raphael’s “annoying brothers” mail saying “I get really really angry and hurt people, lol, who am I most like?” really don’t get Raphael at all.

                                       He’s my brother, dang it.